Michael C. Roubicek, PhD, LCSW

Depression | Anxiety | Food Addiction


"Dr. Mike" has been a psychotherapist since 1983. In addition to his general therapy practice, Mike specializes in: 

  • Helping those who struggle with anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed by life;

  • Overcoming depression and dealing with related concerns that arise from trauma or abuse;

  • Facing and overcoming addictions;

  • Managing challenges that arise after gastric bypass surgery.

Mike holds Master’s Degrees in Social Work and Marriage & Family Therapy, as well as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. 


My initial interest in counseling came from people in my early adult years who said I was ‘easy to talk to’. As I studied and trained to become a therapist my interest and devotion to the process of helping people change and grow has intensified. I love this work and feel honored to participate in the journey of building a healthier way of living.

- Mike