When you ask someone what is most important to them in life, the most common response is 'my family'. But sometimes family life can cause a great deal of stress and pain.

Maybe you have a teenager who is acting out or is disrespectful. You may be going through a divorce and are worried about how it will affect your children. Maybe you are working on blending two families into one. Your family may be affected by addiction. Perhaps your family has experienced a loss, disability or death.

Seeing a professional can help you through difficult life-transitions like these. A family therapist can give you ideas, encouragement and tools to work through some of the challenges of family life. Whether you come in as an entire family, or you come in as parents to work through some of the issues you are facing, a therapist can help move you to the next steps.

Family therapy should be focused on parenting training, which research shows is just as effective, if not more so, than just working with the child individually.
— Sergio Pereyra, PhD, AMFT