Increase Your 'Awe' Experiences

Standing on the top of Half Dome in Yosemite’s National Park, I felt as though I could see forever. I felt connected with those around me and in awe of the miracle before me.

We don’t have to climb a high mountain to experience this sense of awe.

Take a moment to sit looking over a clear, smooth lake. Watch a sunset. Walk in a park. Embrace the silence of skiing in fresh mountain snow. Hold a little baby in your arms. Slow down and breathe in the fresh air of a cool day. Paying close attention to what we feel in these experiences can leave us with a wondering sense of awe.

These are mindful practices. They help our brains to heal from trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. These practices help us to feel better and to access joy.

A friend recently sent me this article titled, 8 Reasons Why Awe Makes Your Life Better. I hope you will check it out and set a goal to increase the “awe” experiences in your life!

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